July 15, 2024

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Advice for Hiring a Confinement Nanny

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Confinement Nanny

Are you a new mom debating whether or not to hire a confinement nanny? Indeed, a confinement lady will significantly assist you at this difficult time. Her responsibilities include:

Performing domestic duties.

Caring for your infant.

Preparing confinement meals.

Providing you with support and guidance.

Imagine a weight lifted off your shoulders!

As with any partnership, though, friction and conflict may easily occur. Thus, if you choose to engage a confinement nanny, you should heed the following guidelines.

1. Reserve early

While it may be simple to locate a babysitter at the last minute, finding a professional confinement nanny is a whole different story. This is especially true if you’re looking for a qualified confinement lady with a proper nanny training certificate who can meet all your demands and complete jobs swiftly. Often, recommended confinement nannies are scheduled well in advance and will be unavailable for at least one month, if not longer. So, choosing the ideal confinement nanny as soon as possible is essential.

Hiring the services of a confinement agency, such as Confinement Angels, can give you the peace of mind that your preferred nanny will be accessible once you offer delivery. Another advantage is that you may contact your confinement agency quickly if problems or crises arise.

Due to the circuit breaker here and Malaysia’s movement control order, the Covid-19 problem caused a scarcity of confinement nannies in Singapore. Nonetheless, Confinement Angels circumvented the lockdown procedures and minimised client disruptions as much as possible.

2. Spell out your expectations and needs

There are several factors to consider while employing a confinement lady, including expenses and living situations. While searching for the appropriate confinement nanny, carefully communicate your expectations and requirements. What talents must the confinement nanny possess, and where do you require the most assistance? Everything? No issue, so long as you inform your nanny or agency beforehand!

This will offer you and your confinement nanny an idea of what to expect before she begins working, reducing long-term disagreement and tension.

3. A confinement nanny is not a housekeeper.

Although a confinement nanny and a domestic worker may have overlapping responsibilities, they serve vastly distinct purposes and should not be substituted. You likely wouldn’t give your fragile infant to a maid who lacks training in infant care, nor would you expect her to prepare confinement meals.

The same holds true for a confinement nanny who possesses specialised abilities and knowledge in her field. For example, your confinement lady is your go-to resource for postpartum care and nursing guidance. And while she can help out around the house, she should not be responsible for cleaning the toilet.

4. Respect one another

Respect is essential in any relationship, and this one is no exception. If you want a positive relationship with your confinement nanny, you must respect her even though you are paying for her services. Conflict may be inevitable sometimes, but it should be handled with maturity and courtesy. Remember that we are all human at the end of the day.

5. Give her room and privacy

Like any other employee, a confinement nanny is entitled to her own place. Even though she is here to make your confinement as comfortable as possible, make sure she receives appropriate alone time and relaxation. After a day of caring for you and your infant, provide your confinement lady her own area to relax. This will revitalise her and make her even more eager to serve you!

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