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Understanding Testosterone in Men: Common Signs You Have Low Testosterone

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Understanding Testosterone in Men

Testosterone is present in men and women. However, it is the dominant male hormone and is high in men. A balanced T-level presents health statuses. However, a decrease in the hormone could raise various health issues. Testosterone decreases with age but has little effect on most men. However, some experience health changes due to the decrease in the hormone. Sometimes, it is possible to overlook the signs of low testosterone and attribute them to other causes. Other times, people don’t know what specific symptoms mean. It is crucial to know when you have low testosterone to take the right step. Here are common signs of low testosterone.

Erectile Dysfunction

Hormones are the messengers in the body that send signals to various body systems on how to operate. Testosterone carries the instructions that direct on getting an erection. Therefore, if there are low levels of testosterone, you may have a hard time erecting. Consequently, it is advisable to seek TRT Boise or other sorts of treatment for erectile dysfunction due to low testosterone.

Extra Weight

There is no clear evidence that low testosterone causes weight gain or if weight gain leads to low testosterone. However, it is good to note that fat cells play a role in converting testosterone to estrogen. Irrespective of the relationship, exercise, healthy eating, and weight loss are paramount to raising testosterone levels.

Sleep Dysfunction 

Low testosterone is also associated with sleep apnea and insomnia. Quality sleep helps alleviate blood pressure and heart disease issues. Therefore, any interruption could require an examination. In short, low testosterone could be a candidate for sleep dysfunction.

Low Sex Drive 

Sometimes, men can ignore the issue of low sex drive since, in some cases, you will not feel low libido. If you have a low sex drive, it could mean your testosterone levels have fallen off the radar, and something should be done.


It could be more than stress or getting older if you feel tired all the time. Perhaps you don’t feel relaxed or energized in the morning or lack the motivation to exercise. One potential cause of constant fatigue could be low testosterone.

Hair Loss

Another common sign of low testosterone is hair loss. Though sometimes hereditary, hair loss could mean your testosterone levels are below the bar.

Muscle Loss

Testosterone does not affect muscle function or strength. However, it contributes to muscle mass building. Therefore, if your muscle volume keeps reducing, low testosterone could affect muscle tissue growth.


Although depression is expected due to everyday stressors, it is clear that low testosterone levels could also cause signs of depression. In most cases, testosterone replacement therapy is more effective in treating low T levels than antidepressants.

Low Ejaculation Volume

Low t-levels also cause a reduced amount of ejaculation. When the body is not producing enough amounts of this hormone, it affects the amount of semen released in an orgasm. Again, when combined with other signs, low ejaculation volume could mean you have low testosterone production.

To conclude, these are the common signs of low testosterone in men. If you have any or all of these signs, seeking help and taking a blood test to confirm you have low T levels is crucial. Your doctor will suggest TRT as it is the most effective method of raising testosterone levels to alleviate these issues.

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