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what are the effects of this steroid and its legal alternative?

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effects of this steroid and its legal alternative

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Clenbuterol (also known as Clen) is an anabolic steroid originally developed for veterinary use. It has since become very popular with bodybuilders wishing to gain muscle mass.

Discover its composition, its effects. But also how to buy it legally, and without taking any risk to your health.

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What is Clenbuterol?
Clenbuterol was originally a veterinary treatment, making it possible to treat lung diseases from which the hair suffered in particular. We then discovered its anabolic properties (i.e. the ability to develop human cells, and in particular those of muscle tissue. This is also why it is now considered a doping product, which brought down the famous cyclist Alberto Contador.

But that’s not all. Hollywood stars are also fond of Clenbuterol which has fat burning properties . It therefore facilitates weight loss, helping your body to transform its fat stores into energy.

What are its effects ?

As we have just seen, Clenbuterol acts on several levels on the body, which explains why it is so popular among athletes. And especially during dry spells. Indeed, bodybuilders need to lose fat mass to better develop their muscles. But also define it better.

Clenbuterol also has an anabolic effect and thus blocks muscle catabolism . After intense physical exertion, muscle tissue can break down during the recovery phase. This is what clenbuterol prevents, in particular by providing your muscles with the oxygen they need to recover more easily.

Clenbuterol therefore improves sports performance by nourishing the muscle and oxygenating your muscle tissue. Without an anabolic, our receptors tend to saturate and no longer produce any effect. Clen avoids this saturation and therefore allows you to progress faster and exceed your limits.

And the risks

Clenbuterol does not only have positive effects on the body, however. Indeed, this treatment was initially intended for the hair. And is therefore not suitable for human beings. Especially at the doses in which athletes take it.

Too sustained and prolonged intake can indeed have unpleasant effects on the body. And in particular:More seriously, Clenbuterol can increase blood pressure and therefore cause cases of high blood pressure. So be careful if you have a cardiovascular history , because some people have suffered from tachycardia, cardiac arrhythmia, but also muscle cramps.

How to buy it legally?

Given the health risks of Clenbuterol, this anabolic steroid is now illegal in France. However, it is possible to buy a legal alternative, which will have no adverse effect on your health online. For several years, the American site Crazy Bulk has been offering dietary supplements for athletes . Taking the name of the most famous anabolics, they imitate their effects based on natural ingredients that will facilitate your blood circulation. And boost your testosterone levels .

What are the effects of Clenbuterol on fat loss?

Its composition
Clenbutron is composed of plant extracts and natural active ingredients that will boost your physical performance. But also to facilitate the loss of your fat mass. And especially :

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