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Why do I have dark circles under my eyes?

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dark circles under my eyes

This morning, facing the mirror, you have to face the facts. Your dark circles are back! Too short a night or a poor lifestyle, the result is the same: a “panda eyes” style that is anything but glamorous. How to get rid of these unsightly blue circles and dark circles naturally? Douceur du Lac gives you some advice.Dark circles are small rings that appear below the eyes, with color variations ranging from bluish to dark hues. Their appearance and color vary depending on their causes. Some dark circles appear as a function of age (hollow circles), or hereditary. In both cases, it is difficult to fight against.

However, dark circles are very often the result of a poor lifestyle or lack of sleep. This therefore leads to poor blood circulation or dysregulation of the lymphatic tissues. As a result, the removal of pigments under the skin is not done properly. As the skin is extremely thin there, you end up with blue or brown dark circles that are not very folichons.

To overcome these dark circles, it is therefore necessary to reactivate the blood circulation and to attack their cause.
To define the most suitable treatment to combat these ugly dark circles, it is important to take a quick look at the different types of dark circles. As we mentioned above, some dark circles are indeed hereditary or age-related and it is then more difficult to fight them naturally.

Brown or dark circles

This type of dark circles is the consequence of a deposit of melanin under the skin . Melanin is the pigment responsible for our skin, hair and eye color. This type of dark circles tends to appear more easily in dark-skinned people. It can also be hereditary or occur as a result of skin pathologies. If you have this type of dark circles, protect yourself well from the sun to limit their appearance during UV exposure.

Dark circles

Dark circles are usually caused by aging skin . Indeed, as you age, the fatty part located around the eyes melts, and the skin sags. This type of dark circles can also appear after massive weight loss or simply be hereditary. Unfortunately, there is no natural technique to overcome dark circles. The only solution is to have cosmetic surgery.

blue circles

Blue circles are the most common, and that’s good because they can be masked easily! They are due to poor blood and lymphatic circulation around the eye, and more particularly concern fair skin. Their appearance strongly depends on your lifestyle, which is good news because we can easily reduce them with natural solutions.

solutions against dark circles

How to reduce my dark circles naturally?
If your dark circles are not due to aging or a skin pathology, bingo! You will be able to reduce them with a few simple habits and gestures. Follow the leader !

Have a healthy lifestyle

For good blood and lymphatic circulation, it is important that your body is in good shape. The muscles of the eye work constantly, so it is essential to provide them with a minimum of rest to avoid dilation of the venous network. Try to sleep between 7 and 8 hours a night as much as possible. Lack of sleep is one of the main causes of dark circles, so let’s rest!

Also drink plenty of water and vary your diet for good vascularization of your body. With the full of vitamins, minerals and hydration, your skin will be luminous and healthy and therefore goodbye dark circles! Also avoid alcohol and tobacco which can cause the appearance of bags under the eyes.

To promote lymphatic circulation, you can also practice self-massage of the face . This natural anti-wrinkle helps stimulate blood circulation and gives you a fresh and luminous complexion if you practice it daily. With that, your dark circles have better watch out!

lifting face massage and concealer

Our tips for making your dark circles disappear naturally
Several home remedies exist to easily remove or reduce your dark circles. You will just need a few ingredients that you must have in your cupboards and a little elbow grease!

You can first try the cold technique to unclog your eyes and increase lymphatic drainage. To do this, place small pockets of ice cream wrapped in a cloth on your eyes for 5 minutes. You can also take two teaspoons previously frozen in the freezer and put them on your eyes.

In commercials or in movies, you often see women in full treatment with two slices of cucumber on their eyes. And can you imagine that this trick actually works! Cold cucumber is extremely hydrating and super useful for your unsightly dark circles. Put your washers on your eyelids and wait about fifteen minutes. Just enough time to take a micro-nap!

Tea fan? That’s good, you can reuse your used green tea or chamomile bags for your dark circles ! How? ‘Or’ What ? Place the sachets in the fridge for 10 minutes, then affix them under each eye for 5 minutes. Green tea eliminates toxins and promotes lymphatic circulation. Winning combo!

Invest in natural concealer care

In addition to this healthy lifestyle and all these natural remedies, you must also use effective and natural products to take care of your eyes and reduce your dark circles. And yes, all the grandmother’s remedies in the world will not hide your dark circles if you use the wrong cosmetic care!

In addition to your moisturizer, it is best to use a specific treatment for the eye area . As the skin is thinner and more fragile there, it needs appropriate care. Our certified organic eye contour care contains plenty of ultra-effective active ingredients for tired eyes and dark circles. Blueberry to soothe, aloe vera to hydrate and hyaluronic acid to protect.

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